3 Best Yoga Essentials Under $50

One of the greatest things about yoga is its accessibility. Almost anyone can start practicing yoga whenever or wherever they want. All you really need is just some open space and stretchy clothing.

However, if you’re serious about yoga, there’s going to be a few things that you must have in order to have a beneficial, fun, and rewarding experience practicing yoga. Let’s touch on 3 of the best essentials under $50 for every yoga girl.

Essential #1

First, you’re going to need an awesome sports bra that’s going to keep you cool, comfortable, and supported for all types of yoga. You’re also going to want something that makes feel great too (feeling sexy is a must)!

The Radiance Sports Bra touches on all of the aspects above, and more. MoonWake Yoga Co.’s premium sports bra is breathable, super comfy, highly supportive, and is an elegant addition to any outfit inside or outside of the yoga studio.

What’s the best part about the Radiance Sports Bra? Well, you’ll feel so beautiful while wearing it that you won’t even need a shirt!

Are we a little bit biased about our Radiance Sports Bra? Sure, but we’ve tested lots of other sports bras and this one is ABSOLUTELY the best you can buy for less than $50.

Essential #2

For those of us who aren’t quite ready to just wear a sports bra without a shirt, the Spark Yoga Tank is an REAL essential. It’s perfect for any type of yoga or other athletic activity, and goes great with any eye-catching sports bra.

The Spark Yoga Tank is a steal at just $39.95. For similar quality tank tops, you’d easily pay double. Moreover, it’s a premium quality tank top that’s going to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer or during an intense Bikram Yoga session.

Essential #3

Finally, everyone yoga girl needs a trustworthy pair of yoga pants. The type of yoga pants that she can wear while kicking butt in the yoga studio, while out with friends, or while at home. Without a doubt, the Racer Yoga Pants are the best choice at a sub $50 price point.

The Racer Yoga Pants are designed with performance, fashion, and comfortable as the highest priorities. Every time we wear them (which is almost everyday!), we just can’t imagine anything better considering how soft and functional they are. Quite frankly, they’re the yoga pants of our dreams.

Final Thoughts

MoonWake Yoga Co. proudly offers the Radiance Sports BraSpark Yoga Tank, and Racer Yoga Pants for our yogi customers. If you want to get your hands on one or all of them, do it soon before we run out of inventory again. Our yogis crave these products and tend to order more than we can produce!

Thanks for being here today. We love you! ❤️


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