🏖️ MoonWake Yoga Co.'s Annual Company Holiday 🏖️

The team at MoonWake Yoga Co. is taking a much needed holiday after serving over 80,000 customers since launching four years ago! We'll be on holiday February 9-15, 2021.

But don't worry! You can place orders as usual during our holiday.

Orders placed on or after February 9 will be shipped once our holiday ends on February 15.

All orders placed on February 8 before noon Pacific Standard Time will be shipped and delivered in their normal timeframe.

Please Note:

Our customer support team be will online throughout the holiday and respond to all customer inquiries within 12 hours, as usual.

We can be contacted at Hello@MoonWakeYoga.com, through Facebook Messenger, or using the live chat widget on our website.

If you place an order during our holiday and later decide you don't want to wait for it to ship, simply let us know by replying to your order confirmation email. We'll respond within 12 hours confirming your order's cancellation and refund.

Thank you very much to each and every one of our wonderful customers. It will always be our pleasure to serve you. See you after the holiday! 😎